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Our Code of Conduct & Your Pledge

To be an upstanding member of the Creative Smart Hub.

Community Guidelines

Code of Conduct & Your Pledge

You will only upload and share the contents that you have the right to!


You will upload and share your own works on Creative Smart Hub.

Share your own work on Creative Smart Hub.

  • Don’t post others’ works
  • Don’t try to be popular and attract other users by using others’ work
  • Don’t upload any contents copied and saved from the Internet if you don't have the right

You may have similar concepts and ideas of design, but you can’t simply copy and paste.

Learn more about Intellectual Property Rights from Terms of Service.


Every user in Creative Smart Hub will work out together to make it a beneficial environment to everyone

Creative Smart Hub community is for everyone, and we care about all the users. If you see any members against ‘Terms of Service' and ‘Community Guidelines'.

  • Do not hesitate to report faults and posts of inappropriate contents by using ‘Contact Us’
  • Provide us with a proof of inappropriate contents with a link, username, screenshot and reasons.

We will do our best to review and remove the reported contents as fast as possible. We are here to help you.


Comply with the law and be the best member to build a supportive and informative environment

Creative Smart Hub is a community where users are involved in to make a clean, supportive and informative environment. It is NOT allowed to post contents including:

  • Illegal
  • Sexuality, Nudity and Pornography
  • Intentional Spamming (Meaningless and Negative aspects to others)
  • Raising Controversy, Threats, Ranting and Trolling (Be mindful about newsworthy contents)
  • Racism, Sexism, and any kind of Discrimination to offend others or any attempts to degrade others
  • Extreme Violence, Grotesque and Obscene
  • An attack on others based on Disabilities, Different Religious Affiliation or Proselytism

Creative Smart Hub will remove any kind of inappropriate contents that are against our ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Community Guideline’. Once we remove the inappropriate contents, we will give you a warning with proof and reasons. We will ban or remove your account from Creative Smart Hub community, if you repeat posting inappropriate contents for several times or show intents to harm the environment.


Misuse of Referral Invitation and Free Credits

Attempt to misuse Referral Invitation and Free Credits is prohibited.

  • Unethical use of Referral Invitation to your another email address to receive Free Credits
  • The purpose of Referral Invitation is to enhance the community with passionate and talented people
  • Free Credit is a rewarding system to motivate and reward any passionate and talented people that will be helping others and the environment in the end
  • Do NOT try to negotiate and sell Free Credits to others

We want users to share their designs and motivate others by offering Free Credits so that everyone in the community grows and develops - “we want to feel our community appreciated”.


I will be constructive and meaningful to others and the community

It is how you develop your skills according to latest trends by interacting with other users in the community. It’s not about how you will get likes, comments, followers or shares. As long as you try your best to improve works, one day people will be naturally visiting in your works.



Security Protection

Strong security to protect users in the community is very important to us. We do our best to protect any kind of security and information issues from technical abuse and viruses. Therefore, we hope you to co-operate with us in terms of following behaviours or acts.

  • Any attempts to reach access and breakthrough vulnerability of Creative Smart Hub
  • Any attempts to interfere and distract other user’s control and private information
  • Not allowed to search or attempt to inappropriately behave on PayPal and payment system


If you have any other questions, please contact us at ‘Contact Us’

Thank you for joining us!

The Creative Smart Hub Team

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