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Know Your Designer Better With These Keywords

Category: Web Template / August 30, 2018

Every business industry has its own language with a different vocabulary. When you meet a designer, have you ever felt like they were using different words? You were not aware of their meanings and as a result, you were not able to participate in their conversation.

When I joined web designing, I started learning the terms used in the web designing language. I have observed most of the people are facing problem while going through the categories, they are not even aware of the categories used. When you reach any freelancer for your project, you should be aware of what things are included in this project.

It can be hard for you to communicate with your team when you don’t know their language. That’s why I am providing you with some words which you may come across frequently while having the communication with your designer that can save you from any miscommunication. You can quickly get familiar with these graphic design terms, and you’ll be speaking your designer’s language soon.

1.    UI Design

UI is “User Interface Design”, this is used to define the visual look and feel of the app, service, or website that is being designed. It describes the visual design of a product.

2.    UX Design

UX is “User Experience Design”, this is the previous step in the designing process where the solution is being sketched, wireframed and prototyped to give an attractive experience.

3.    Wireframe

A wireframe is used to define the framework, layout, and page flow of the site or an application for creating a better user experience. It is a kind of preliminary draft of the final solution that generally doesn’t have any color or symbols.

4.    Visual Design

Visual design is referred as “UI design” that consists of a final look and feel of the solution containing fonts, colors and other things. This is the final look of a website that a user will see and interact. It is based on wireframes and helps in improving the user experience.

5.    Prototype

The prototype is a kind of draft that defines the usefulness of the idea and assists in providing the early feedback on the provided solution.

6.    Analytics

Analytics is an analysis of a website. It includes the number of visitors a page have, time spent by users on the page, and the procedure taken by the user to reach the website or app.

7.    Strategy

The strategy is a path describing the method to achieve the goal. It is a generic way of defining the research and serious issues involving in the conceptual idea of a perfect visualization.

8.    Hierarchy

Hierarchy is a sequence of things arranged in a systematic manner from beginning to end. It helps in achieving the important visual information.

9.    User Testing

User Testing is a process of testing with the real users and gathering the feedback by its working. This helps in correcting the working of an application and improving the experience.

10.    Content

Content helps in describing the generic values of the text, images and videos that are used on the website or application. Content represents the information of the context.

11.     Scope of Work

Scope of the work represents boundary of the project. If you don’t include something in the scope then it will be not included in the final price estimate.

12.    Fidelity

Fidelity is also known as Hi-Fi/Low-Fi. It is a reference level for the quality and refinement for a wireframe or prototype. This cannot refer to final design.

13.    Hamburger

Hamburger is a type of menu icon represented by 3 stacked lines.

14.    Icon

The Icon is small, two-dimensional graphic design, helps users to understand the kind of data or context it has.

15.    Typography

Typography includes treatment of text which includes kerning, font weights, font colors, leading fonts and font styles.

16.    Deliverable

All the digital files (related to client) are delivered at the end of the project. Digital files may include JPG images, PDF files, Photoshop files, logos...

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