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This is a faster, smarter, and less expensive way to get great, customized creative. Rapid variations make it easier to get the product you want!

our story

The Creative Smart Hub is the community for creative, dynamic and ambitious people who knows that ideas alone don’t make a living and visions of the future needs to be bring in life in the present moment..

We have created the community to gather together people with visions and the courage to bring them to life. Where YOU and thousands of people with your same mindset will create and share, will improve and extend, will discuss and plan just to create again and again. Here is where you can showcase and train your skills About

Creativity. Imagination. Ideas. Innovation. Future

They all are vital keywords of our world. Young people uses them, companies uses them, education uses them, institutions uses them…

Some of us were lucky, smart and persistent enough to make a living from these words. It’s a thrilling feeling waking up in the morning and know that your job is going to come from your creativity.

You are going to create: doodles in your imagination will turn into matter thanks to your skills in development, design, marketing…

If you know this feeling you also know the biggest challenge for creativity: tasks. Repetition. Routine. Mundane activities that take half or most of the time without bringing any real satisfaction. They destroy motivation, consume time and energy and limit creativity.

That is why as far as your imagination goes, as beautiful your product is in your mind, as brilliant you envision your future: you have first to deal with the present moment and its technical hurdles.

and knowledge, here is where you can help others but also monetize.

Here is the where you are suppose to be now if you are a creative in this digital world.

meet our team


    CEO, System Architect, ML & Data Expert

  • Victor Zamora

    Functional Analyst, Backend Python Developer, ML & Security Specialist

  • Ramitha Wickramasiri

    Computer Vision Image processing and Validation scripts

  • Santiago Rativa

    Senior Backend Developer & Machine Learning Expert

  • Vincenzo Romano

    Marketing, Brand, Strategy & PR

  • HyonNyong Lee

    Marketing & Content Assistant

  • Joseph Michelli

    Marketing, Partnerships & Strategy Advisor

  • Alexey Shcherbak

    Cloud Architect & Security Advisor

  • Prince Bhalla

    Infrastructure & IP Advisor

our core values


We promote creative thinking within our environment and breath it.


The best practices are always questioned and improved.


We always think how we can deliver the best value to the clients when we plan our work.


The things are always same on the surface but details make show them apart.


Small changes lead to big differences over the time.


Mean what you say, and do what you say!

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